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Dutch government bans phones in schools

he Dutch government decided to ban mobile phones, tablets, and smartwatches from classrooms. The ban will start on January 1, 2024.

The main idea is to reduce distractions during lessons and let students focus and study better. But students can still use these devices for specific purposes, such as for digital skills lessons, medical reasons, or by students with disabilities. Education Minister Robbert Dijkgraaf said that mobile phones are part of our lives, but they aren’t suitable for classrooms. Scientists agree with this. The ban is a result of an agreement between the ministry, schools, and other organizations. Schools have the freedom to implement the ban in their way, but if there aren’t good results by the summer of 2024, the government will make stricter rules.

Difficult words: distraction (something what makes it more difficult to focus), disability (an illness or injury which makes it difficult for someone to do the things which other people do), implement (to put something into effect).

Hemen Ara